In 1977 a New York City Police Officer by the name of Gerald Francis who recently had become a Christian by surrending his heart to Jesus Christ and making Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior was led by the Holy Spirit to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his fellow officers. He formed this organization which was then named "Cops for Christ".

In 1981 this organization became incorporated and in 1982 the organization received official departmental recognition and was intoroduced into into the New York City Housing and Transit Police Department as an "Evangelical Fraternal Organization".

In 1987 this organization was formally accepted into the New York City Police Department's Committee of Police Societies (C.O.P.S.) and in that same year this organization's name change from "Cops for Christ" to "Police Officers for Christ, New York Area, Inc.".

Today, Police Officers for Christ (P.O.F.C.) continues to spread the message of God's love for mankind and his plan of salvation by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all in the New York City Police Department, throughout the City of New York and beyond.